Friday, September 28, 2012

Tire Discounters: Defective tires...Unsafe!!!!

My family has been buying from Tire Discounters for MANY years. I bought top of the line Michelin LTX MS2 tires at the Springboro store for over $1000. I drove away, and they were out of balance, so I went back and had them re-balance them. 

Still they were out of balance, so I took them to the Middletown store. They told me they were quite a bit out of balance, and re-balanced them. 

I drove away only to have them STILL out of balance. The guy even went for a ride with me and agreed. We decided it was time to get them road force balanced. 

So they sent me to the Lebanon store. They had to replace one of the tires because it had too much road force. On a test drive I found them to still be out of balance. So we put on a whole different size of tire, but same kind. 

Believe it or not, these were even MORE out of balance. 

I was beginning to think Michelin was having some quality issues, so I asked that they try Continental Cross Contact LX20. They put those on, and would you believe the car shakes even worse. So now tire discounters thinks my car has a problem, even though it was not shaking a bit before they got a hold of it. 

So I agree to get it checked out. I took it to my mechanic who said the tires were out of balance, and then I took it to the dealership who also said the tires are out of balance. Additionally the dealership said that the road force on 3 of the 4 tires are 37, 48 and 52 lbs. These are highly defective tires. 

At this point, all I want is my money back. Now Jim Egeland, Regional Manager for Discount tire sends me an email saying that I am just out of luck. 

The safety of my family is apparently not important to Tire Discounters. He said that they can't take the tires back because they were special order. I did not order defective tires....I ordered top of the line tires. It appears that Tire Discounters buys reject tires from somewhere. I should have learned a couple of years ago when they put new tires on my Jeep and one of the wheels fell off....again putting my family's safety in jeopardy. So I guess we should all think twice before going to Tire Discounters....There is a reason they are cheaper than the others. 

Out the door with more has a whole new meaning for me. More hassle, more trouble, more danger.

Michael Wertz

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  1. I’m glad you haven’t been involved in any accident due to the tires. We are not sure if they will claim their liability if the case comes to that. That’s definitely showing bad company values, refusing to take back the defective tires. They are defective, to begin with, and shouldn’t be distributed in the market. Maybe next time, try to ask a warranty service before closing the deal.