Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fifth Third Bank: Be curious about this.

You want to know how you can make banking work for me?  Pay close attention.

More than once, I have informed you that I was traveling internationally and would need my credit card to be in operable order.  More than once, your fraud department has shut down my card as soon as I made my first international purchase, causing me to have to call you to get it turned back on.

Then February of this year I traveled to Jamaica, and you actually got it right.  I was able to use my credit card.  Unfortunately someone in Jamaica had a little fraud on their mind.  Once I returned your fraud department detected the fraud and alerted me.  We shut the card down and you issued a new card.

Here is where the fun begins.  I had to go through much red tape to essentially prove my innocence.  I submitted the letters you asked for and most of the charges were credited back to my account.  Unfortunately there were a few purchases that required additional letters to be sent to your Madisonville facility.  The first letter was sent, and after a few weeks of no response from you I called, and was informed that you never received the letter.  You told me to send you another letter, and I did so.  I called you a few weeks later, and was again informed that the letter was not received.  

You asked that I fax the letter to you, but I do not have a fax machine.  I told you I could email the letter to you, but apparently you do not allow incoming emails to that department in 2012.  You then asked me to send you a 3rd letter.  That is where I put my foot down.  I have already sent you 2 letters.  I know you won’t get the 3rd one through your mail department.  This has been going on since February.  I informed you and you concurred that I have been a customer since the early 1990’s and have never disputed a transaction...ever.  I also informed you that I am done with this.  You will either credit the fraudulent transactions to my account, or I take all of my banking elsewhere.  You said that there was nothing you could do.

Over the years I have heard horror stories about how bad Fifth Third bank is.  I have stuck with you.  But now I have my own horror story.  I know why you are curious.  You are curious because you are clueless about why your business has declined.  You are clueless that your customers have been running into the arms of your competition for years due to absolute poor customer service driven by horrendously poor and antiquated policy.

So you won.  You got my $169.13.  It guess you need it more than I do.  I look at it as the fee that I must pay to part company with you and find a bank that treats its customers better.

Mike Wertz


  1. Mike and Kristy,

    Please know that we have not deleted any of your comments on Facebook. It seems that part of Facebook's new timeline for brand pages is to organize posts differently than it did before when user comments were displayed in-line with posts from the company. Now all user comments are visible on our main page when a person elects to view "posts by others" at the top of the timeline.

    I apologize for the delayed response, but we did respond this morning urging you to call our dedicated social media line at 877-833-9973 to speak with someone directly about this matter.

    We are very interested in your feedback and appreciate you and Mike taking the time to share your experience.


    Shannon Paul
    Vice President, Social Media Strategy
    Fifth Third Bank

  2. I am happy to report that Shannon Paul called today and told me that they would be giving my money back to me plus the interest that was charged. Props to Shannon. She said I should see the credit on Monday, so I hope it actually takes place. I guess in the end they did the right thing. It is unfortunate that it had to come down to this to get them to do the right thing.