Sunday, November 18, 2012

Aunt Sushi...

"Are you mad at me?"
"No, are you mad at me?"
"No, I thought you were mad at me!?"
"Nope, I'm not mad at you!"

Our usual banter whenever we hung out.

At 9.35am today, Susie, my amazing sister-in-law (known as Aunt Sushi to my kids), lost her battle with melanoma.

Thank you for all the lessons you taught me:
  • that driving to Kroger wasn't so scary after all; 
  • that Jiffy muffin mix made a great coffee cake; 
  • that a one-piece swimsuit didn't have to be the end of the world; 
  • that anything with cream cheese is good--even canned chicken; 
  • that hummingbirds are worth paying attention to; and 
  • that family is everything. 
Forget the "in-law", you were my sister. R.I.P.

A favorite moment with Susie insisting we pose silly for the camera.

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