Friday, December 28, 2012

There was something missing this year...

Thanksgiving and Christmas just weren't the same this year, without Susie.

The energy level was low, the bubbliness (a new word dedicated to Susie) was lacking, and in general I really missed my fellow wine-drinking, yelling-at-children, giggling-at-family-members accomplice.

An excerpt from a blog post back in 2008 reminds me exactly what was missing:

"And then there was Susie (Mike's sister) and me, sitting on the piano stool with our digital cameras, taking goofy photos of everyone. Funny! She's such a ham. : )"

Others missing from the picture this year included Mum & Dad and the Aussie crew (although we Skyped with them a couple of times which was fun), Tad & Dianne and their kids (stomach bugs got the better of most of them), Tats who made her presence known through an abundance of chocolate, and the Bartons.

Here's hoping 2013 turns out to be a positive, healthful and joyful year for everyone. 

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