Sunday, April 21, 2013

Concept Paper: Wertz Christmas Tree Farm

Digital Storytelling W5


This 1-2 minute video piece will be a commercial, featuring families enjoying themselves as they find the perfect tree from Wertz Christmas Tree Farm; and inviting the audience to become a customer. The piece will be housed on YouTube, incorporated into the farm’s website (, featured on the farm’s Facebook page, included in the annual email blitz sent to customers just before Thanksgiving, shared by customers through social media (especially those featured in the video) and hopefully picked up by local media (Cincinnati, Dayton, Middletown, Springboro & Franklin) as part of their seasonal holiday coverage of human interest stories.


Wertz Christmas Tree Farm is a family-owned, small business in South West Ohio offering families the opportunity to cut down their own fresh, real Christmas tree. Loved by the local community, Wertz Farm provides personalized service from a friendly and helpful staff and a unique start to holiday traditions for families in the Cincinnati/Dayton area.
Small, and somewhat unknown, Wertz Farm relies heavily on word-of-mouth from existing patrons to reach new customers. An increasing amount of local community involvement (sponsorships, committee support etc.) is helping to generate more awareness of the brand, and in particular of the farmer, Mike Wertz. As a result, the farm is considered a positive in the community, a contributor to local initiatives, and a good and wholesome corporate citizen.  
On the downside, Wertz Farm is a more expensive option for Christmas trees when compared to artificial plastic trees or pre-cut trees from the local hardware giant. But farmer Mike Wertz knows Christmas trees better than anyone in the local area and his hands-on approach to helping customers select and care for the tree is second to none.


The target audience tends to be families with small children or grandchildren, who value the sentimentality of the Christmas season. Their songbird is the need for opportunities to create memories from experiences that are anchored in tradition. Spending time with family at this special time of the year is a key desire of this target audience. Making memories that will last a lifetime is worth the extra time, money and effort invested in cutting down their own tree. They consider it a fun and fulfilling family tradition to do together.

Content Points

  • Real trees are a tradition. Cutting down your own tree, with your family, is a great way to honor that tradition and begin the celebration of the Christmas season, making memories together.
  • Mike, Kirsty, Kyle & Ethan Wertz welcome you onto their farm to help you get the season started, helping you find the perfect tree each year.
  • Customers love Wertz Christmas Tree Farm because it’s local, small and friendly and family-owned and run. The trees are top quality, there are plenty to choose from, everything you need is provided (saw, baling, shaking, hot chocolate, wreaths and more), and everyone has a good time.   
  • It’s a great way to spend time together and make memories as you kick off the holiday season.

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  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Well written, like the idea too. Looking forward to seeing the video