Tuesday, April 15, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things, today.

1. A colleague who took the time to listen to an idea, consider its merits and then offer a suggestion for an alternative way to manage the mayhem - thank you CB.
2. A senior leader, with more important things to worry about, who made the effort to reach out and congratulate me on the new job, and remind me that a little discomfort and stretch is a good thing.
3. Free lunch at one of my fav restaurants - yum at Hawthorne Grille.
4. Time, and quiet, to think and be by myself. For introverts, meetings are an absolute energy suck.
5. Dinner at the farm with the outlaws - Mike's homemade chili, lots of laughs and a delightfully cute birthday card.
6. Photo blitz on Facebook from my parents, commemorating my arrival into the land of the living, forty years ago.

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